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Muir Slicer are a company that specialises in assisting businesses and people to achieve their goals and potential.

We use a blend of coaching, mentoring, courses and nationally recognised qualifications to assist you in getting to where you want to be. We also make use of the most up-to-date learning and development technology, where appropriate, to further enhance your experience.

The benefits of working with us include:

For Businesses

- Improved focus on meeting business objectives and targets.
- Boost productivity, knowledge and confidence.
- Boost understanding of policies and procedures.
- Improved workforce skills and customer service.
- Reduce staff turnover and retain talent.
- Motivate people and retain a competitive edge.
- Encourage leadership, innovation and an ambitious mind set.
- Build a progressive internal culture and increase brand awareness.
- Making progress in a way that's both effective and practical to the
running of your business!

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For Individuals

- Improved focus on your career goals.
- Gaining nationally recognised qualifications.
- Boost your knowledge, confidence and awareness.
- Get on-the-job development and recognition of your skills.
- Do it in a way that minimises disruption of working hours.
- Minimises or eradicates the need for student loans.
- Do it in a way that's effective and practical to your work/life balance.

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IIP Gold Event


  • RSS Jet Centre Ltd.

    “Having worked my way up the ladder, I found it beneficial to get recognition and guidance on some of my managerial skills”.

    “All of the flight supervisors undertook some level of management course and I felt that this was hugely successful for both the individuals and the team as a whole. The overall confidence and morale increased within the team and the course sharpened their attention to what they were doing, how they were doing it and how they could improve what they do further”.

    “We were delighted with the flexibility you offered, that worked very well with our shifts. We felt the standard of support and advice was also very high”.

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