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The main benefits for employers who invest in training their staff and for employees who take part are:

Employer Benefits:


  • Reductions in staff turnover. Employees feel more valued and can potentially see a benefit for them in having training.
  • Improvements in the skill levels and performance of staff. Well-trained staff will potentially be able to work with less supervision.
  • A more motivated workforce. Staff who are well trained and feel that their employer is willing to invest in them, may feel more valued and are far more likely to be motivated.
  • An improvement in quality of service to customers. A member of staff who is well trained, feels more valued and feels that their employer is willing to invest in them is far more likely to give a high standard of customer service.
  • Use of a potentially untapped resource for future development. A well-trained, confident staff member who feels like part of the team is far more likely to be willing to put ideas forward for the benefit of the company.

Employee Benefits:


  • More confidence in their job role. Training can let you see the big picture, and give you a better understanding of your responsibilities within your organisation, as well as the responsibilities of others.
  • Recognition of your existing skills. Training can lead to you having qualifications for skills that you already possess but can otherwise go unrecognised.
  • Developing of new skills. Development of new skills can make you a more versatile employee and potentially lead to progression within your career.
  • Improvement in customer service. Any improvement in your skills, knowledge or confidence should ultimately have the advantage of an improvement in the service you give customers, which reflects positively on you.
  • A happier work experience. Training can lead to a happier work experience due to recognition of skills already there, development of new skills you want, and a feeling of being involved rather than unnoticed.