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Walking the talk – meaningful storytelling

Walking the talk – meaningful storytelling

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Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017 Time: 07:45 – 09:15 Location: Gusto, 16 Bothwell Street G2 6NU

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At our April breakfast we look forward to welcoming Marjorie Calder who has worked in marketing communications for thirty years. From a background in psychology and investment, she turned feral and was a Daily Record feature writer and agony aunt for 7 years before becoming a Director of The BIG Partnership for the next 12, managing creative teams and resources while working with brands large and small.

Since 2015, she has run OceanBlue Consulting, helping clients decide not only what their brand messaging should be, but also, how to deliver it effectively to meet their business objectives. In short, she’s a PR and media trainer, though considers both labels pretty much meaningless.      

Here’s the thing:

If people don’t know your potential or that of your organization, if they “just don’t get it” and have no awareness or the wrong impression… it’s your fault!

Many organisations have no clear idea of what they stand for, OR they have invested vast sums in a shiny brand book, which articulates it beautifully but bears no relation to the reality. Not that reality is everything – audience perception is what it’s all about.

Marjorie works with clients to clarify their own business motivation in relating to client groups, and to focus activities and budget in effective ways to create helpful impressions.

That’s it, it’s meaningful storytelling.

Come along to the April Breakfast and Marjorie will show you how to say stuff that resonates with your targeted markets.